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Beach Croft Motel

Our Story

Guests Rave

It started in the 1950's when a man named Ernest Johnson built a small motel on Englewood Beach for northerners to escape the cold winter months. Over the years others had owned Johnson's Motel but never changed the name. In 1985, Brett and I discovered the motel on a day  trip to the island to purchase a small Yorkie puppy. Sitting on the beach with our new family member we fell in love with the beach and slower pace of the island community. As we departed the beach we noticed Johnson's Motel, planting the idea of wanting to live the American Dream and own our own business. After much research, looking at many options, and several discouraging setbacks I received a phone call from the real estate broker. He said he heard about this place that just went on the market, Johnson's Motel at Englewood Beach. We had just seen it only eight months prior. Renaming the motel Beach Croft to capture the atmosphere we wanted to create; a great place for couples and small families to get away and enjoy themselves on a beach vacation. A lot of changes have been made over the years, but we have kept it like Mr. Johnson started it quiet and intimate. 

Brett and I have owned the Beach Croft for over 30 years.  We have been happily married for 40 years and raised our two daughters at the motel. Both are college graduates currently working as accountants, the oldest in the hospitality industry and the youngest in sanitation.

Enjoy your vacation, 

Sharon and Brett

"Come here often by myself. Always feel safe and comfortable. Had a great time here. Thanks!"

- Liz Clark

"Thank you for the nice stay - everything was clean - thanks for staying true to  yourself and keeping things like the real Florida!"

- The Brinkmans

"Beautiful, wonderful place! The bed is so comfy - nice towels, CLEAN well tasted decor! Hope to return very soon!" 
- Ellen & Rod

"Thank you for your hospitality. We had a wonderful time here because of your unique place and location. We look forward to coming back soon."

- The Sandviks

 "Just wanted to say thank you for the great time we had while we were here! Your place is one of the coolest places we have been! Hope we can come back one day and stay again!!" - Terry & Tammy

"Had another great time but too short! Will be back - this is a gem in the sand"
-  Debbie Maher

"We have been traveling through Florida for a month. The Beach Croft Motel has by far been the best place we have stayed."
- David & Sherri